At times I am available for commissioned portraits and I can deliver worldwide.

Whether a family dog, a beloved cat or something altogether less typical (cockerel, snake, penguin – all possible!) I seek to capture the personality of an animal in a spontaneous and playful style. I work in a variety of media including charcoal, watercolour, coloured pencil, chalk pastel, conte pencil, ink or graphite depending on the nature of the portrait and animal. I often stand to draw and paint on the floor which injects a movement and energy into my work.

My approach is to create an artistic interpretation of an animal rather than aspire to photo-accuracy (plenty of great artists are available for photo-realistic portraits, that’s just not me). On this basis I ask clients to provide a handful of photos then entrust me to create a piece of art based on their subject. My process for original pieces doesn’t include client-led alterations. In commissioning a portrait clients are choosing to trust my creative eye and accept an artist’s interpretation of their pet.

However I do offer a higher-priced option for those wanting greater direction in the process (see ‘Bespoke Portrait’ below).

If you’d like to commission an original drawing of your dog, cat or other animal, please email to see if I’m available.

Please note that October to December is my busiest time. I recommend getting in touch as early as possible for commissions required in time for Christmas.

Prices include postage and are for a single animal. Discounted prices are available for double portraits (two animals in one image) or twin portraits (two separate portraits). For an accurate cost in currencies other than those listed, please get in touch. I require a 50% deposit upfront. Full terms and conditions for portraits are here.

In addition to the options below, I am also available for mural painting, commercial illustration and other unusual commissions. Get in touch for a chat.

Charcoal sketch.

Charcoal sketches

A black charcoal drawing on 120gm white cartridge paper.

A3 (30x42cm):                  £100   (140€ / $155 US)
A2 (42x59cm):                  £220   (290€ / $310)
A1 (59x84cm):                  £350   (445€ / $480)
A0 (84×120 cm):              £650   (810€ / $875)
2A0 (150x120cm):         £1000   (1200€ / $1300)

Artist portrait.

Artist portrait

A colour portrait (watercolour, coloured pencil, ink, pastel, conte pencil, chalk or charcoal). On high quality stretched 300gm watercolour paper. Sizes below are approximate and depend on cropping.

A3 (31x41cm):                   £250   (325€ / $350 US)
A2 (46x61cm):                  £350   (445€ / $480)
A1 (59x84cm):                  £700   (865€ / $910)
A0 (84×120 cm):              £1000   (1200€ / $1300)
2A0 (150x120cm):          £2000   (2400€ / $2600)

Bespoke pet or dog portrait.

Bespoke portrait

A colour portrait (as ‘Artist Portrait’ above) that also allows discussion on composition, pose, colour palette, technique or materials.

A3 (31x41cm):                 £450   (565€ / $610 US)
A2 (46x61cm):                £600   (745€ / $810)
A1 (59x84cm):                £1500   (1800€ / $1955)
A0 (84×120 cm):            £2850   (3430€ / $3715)
2A0 (150x120cm):        £4000   (4800€ / $5200)