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Bird and Beast showcases the work of London-based animal illustrator, Laura McKendry.

Laura is fascinated by our relationship with the animal kingdom – how we are entertained, comforted, enchanted, amused by these critters, how they enrich our lives. Her drawings, created in a variety of materials including ink, charcoal, watercolour and pencil, pay tribute to the role of our furry, feathered, scaly friends.

With her distinctive, playful style, Laura captures the individual mannerisms and quirks of animals in bespoke commissions ranging from small sketches to giant paintings.

She also licenses her work for use on greeting cards and homeware. Mugs, books, cards and fabric featuring her work may be found in UK stockists including John Lewis, Fenwicks, Waterstones, Sainsburys, WHSmith, Laura Ashley, Daunt Books as well as independent retailers.

She lives in North London with her husband and combines her work as an illustrator with raising their three young kids. She longs for a whippet.

Read Yellow House Art Licensing’s Behind the Scenes article for more information about Laura and her work or follow her on Instagram ( for regular updates of new work and experiments.

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Select clients include:
Card Mix
Creative Tops
Darling Dog Company
Dunoon Mugs
Laura Ashley
Museums & Galleries
Noel Tatt
Profile Books
Synchronicity Earth
Whistlefish Galleries